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document How do I cancel an appointment?
To cancel an appointment: Go to Login with your username and password Click Appointments Click the day of your appointment ...
rating 28 Aug, 2007 Views: 23795
document How do I schedule an appointment?
If you are already registered with us, you can do either of the following to schedule an appointment: Login in to Click Members...
rating 28 Aug, 2007 Views: 22197
document How can I contact a clinic directly?
Clinic phones are not manned continuously throughout operating hours and, therefore, we do not publish these numbers. Patients that need to contact...
rating 05 Nov, 2007 Views: 15836
document Can I review my lab results online?
Yes. To review your lab results online: Go to . Click on MEMBER LOGIN in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Login to your EMR...
rating 17 Dec, 2007 Views: 13760
document How do I register?
Each family member covered under the health plan must be registered separately.  Follow the steps below to register and make...
rating 28 Aug, 2007 Views: 13558
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document How do I find the date and time of my next appointment?
To find the date and time of your next appointment: Login in to Click Member Login Enter your User Name (Click "I forgot...
rating 15 Jun, 2015 Views: 9562
document How do I find the days and times a specific clinic is open?
Due to the fact that the schedule for a specific clinic may change from time to time, the best way to find the days and times a specific clinic is...
rating 06 Mar, 2009 Views: 5456
document I am currently the only one covered under my insurance plan at work. My wife is not on my insurance plan. Is she able to come in to be seen at the clinic under my plan or does she need to actually be on the company insurance plan as well?
rating 02 Dec, 2008 Views: 8668
document Can my husband and myself use the same e-mail address with different user names and password?
Yes, multiple patients can utilize the same e-mail address so long as they have different user names and passwords.
rating 14 Oct, 2008 Views: 3085
document Can you get birth control pills filled through the clinic or would I have to see my regular health care provider to write a prescription for this?
Many of our clinics stock birth control pills at the clinic although some do not. However, the on-site provider will need to examine you before...
rating 15 Oct, 2008 Views: 6647